When someone walks into your business, do they get the welcome that you want them to have? It takes a keen eye, good training, and constant refining to deliver a helpful and organised reception team for your beauty business. But, as first impressions are so important – when was the last time you reviewed and refined this area of your business?

A Salon Mentor’s Advice on First Impression

Your reception and welcoming team set the whole tone for your client’s experience, especially if this is the first time they have visited you. The receptionist in your business can be seen by many beauty businesses as an unnecessary expense, but they can be a valuable salon marketing tool when used in the right way. Here are a few great reasons why:

  1. They can help attract new clients
  2. They will improve client loyalty
  3. They can increase average spend
  4. They will boost retail sales

Great Ways Your Receptionists Can Support Your Beauty Business

Here are some essentials tips to make your reception or welcoming team create a great impression with your clients and contribute to the smooth running of your beauty business.

Focus Attention – When a client comes into the business, remember to smile and greet them. While this sounds like completely obvious advice, when you have phones ringing, emails to answer and other team members asking for things, this simple piece of advice sometimes gets forgotten. An easy rule of thumb is to stop what you are doing and give the client who walks through the door your full attention.

Invest in Technology – Online booking options, apps, and chat functions on your socials are important for helping clients book, change, and get information as fast as possible. Putting good systems in place will give your reception team more time to welcome customers and meet their needs while in the salon.

Positivity – This is important when talking to clients, especially when you can’t give them the time or stylist they want, instead of telling the customer, “No, Jenny doesn’t work on Tuesdays, so you can’t come in.” Reframe in a positive light and say, “Yes, you can book in with Alison on Tuesday or Jenny is available Friday or the following Monday.”

Check your Chats – This is probably advice for the whole of your team, but even more important for your reception crew. Remember not to gossip or comment on other clients or even other team members when you are on the front desk. It is very easy to be overheard, and no one wants to think someone is talking about them as soon as their back is turned.

Connect with Clients – Using the customer’s name is a powerful tool to make them feel like you are really looking out for them. This, combined with open and smiling body language, along with remembering their name when you thank them as they leave, will also give them a great last impression as they go.