When you work in the hair and beauty industry, it is amazing how quickly Christmas comes around each year. So, even though we are only just waving goodbye to summer, it is time to give your Christmas retail strategy some attention.

Beauty Salon Mentor

The basics of retail sales are the same all year round. However, with so many people wanting to buy gifts for loved ones simultaneously, making it easy for your customers to buy the perfect gift from you is important and needs a strong strategy for success. Let’s review the basics:

  1. Grab and hold your customer’s attention.
  2. Arouse their interest
  3. Create desire and need.
  4. Motivate them to buy then and there.

 Added Christmas Sparkle

Making the retail space in your hair salon or beauty spa sparkle at Christmas is the best way to entice your current clients to spend more with you at this festive time of year, both for themselves and as gifts for friends and family.

Christmas Retail Tips from a Salon Mentor

Here are a few great tips from experienced Salon owner and Mentor Haylee Benton to get those Christmas tills ringing!

Stay on Message – Decide what it is you want to sell and stock and price accordingly. If you are a luxury spa, then stock luxury items and designer gifts sets. If you are a high street nail bar, stock pretty nail inspired stocking stuffers. Don’t be tempted to mix your messaging or dilute your brand. You know who your customers are and what your brand is, so stay on message, and you will sell more.

Easy to Find Pricing – No one likes to ask the price of something, in case they can’t afford it, so ensure customers can find the cost of the product quickly and easily. If you don’t want the price on show, buy some nice tags on branded ribbon and tie them discretely to the products but make them easy to see and discover. If you have multiple sizes/colours of a product with different pricing find interesting ways to display the price – small cards, chalkboards or wooden or Perspex boxes can look great.

Bold Window Displays – Remember that it is not just your clients who are looking for Christmas gifts, so ensure that passers-by see and love your Christmas windows and that you have welcoming signage to let them know you have the gifts they need for the people they love right inside!

Package Products – Often, at Christmas, customers don’t want individual items. Instead, they want packaged gift sets that have ribbons and bows and look and smell amazing. Be the one-stop-shop they need so they can give great gifts. You can buy pre-packaged gift sets from your brand suppliers, or you can create your own.

Connect on Social – It is fantastic to have a beautiful display in your hair or beauty salon, but if you are not sharing it on your social feeds or letting people know it is there, you will be missing out on those Christmas sales.

Don’t forget the Gift Certificates – Christmas is the busiest time of the year for gift certificate sales, and you want to make it as easy as possible for customers to buy them. Ensure you offer physical certificates and package those with products for a lovely under the tree present but also make online purchases with an email certificate to catch those last-minute panic buys that the customer can then email to the recipient.