There’s no doubt social media has been a brilliant innovation over the last couple of decades for all sorts of brands. Cheap to use and helping entrepreneurs reach customers all over the world, many start-ups and smaller businesses wouldn’t survive without it.

Expert Salon Consultant

If you have a hair salon, however, picking the right platform is critical.

The good news is that Instagram is ideally suited to enterprises such as hair and beauty salons, most importantly because it appeals to the right demographic (18 to 30-year-olds), and it is visual (40 billion images have been posted on the site since it began).

Here are our top tips for getting it right.

  1. Have an Instagram Plan

Many salon owners make the mistake of simply posting anything they can whenever they have a spare moment. This can often dilute your presence online. You need a plan as with any marketing activity.

Hopefully, you’re going to grow a decent following, so start by asking yourself what sort of images your fans want to see. Social media is also a great way to get your brand values across to the general public.

Take time to find out how the platform works and look at other salons that seem successful, and explore why this is so. Get it right, and you’ll find Instagram is one of the most essential tools in your marketing armoury.

  1. Find Your Hashtags

While most social media platforms now use hashtags, Instagram tends to be more intense. Search out not just the most popular hashtags for hair salons but local ones as well. Adding these to your posts can make a big difference in getting noticed and building a following.

  1. Image Quality

This is another area where salon owners can fall. Learn to take well-composed and attractive images if you will be posting pictures or videos of your salon. If you want to learn how to take great photos and produce quality content, one way is to offer a hair appointment for free as long as you can practice your photography.

  1. Creating Stories

You can also create stories on Instagram which can help people identify with your brand and feel connected to your posts at a deeper level. Stories are short 15-second posts that last for 24 hours before they disappear. It’s a great way to get feedback on new products or services that you may be offering.

  1. Switch to a Business Profile

Another thing you should do is move from your personal profile to a business one – it means for a start that you can add contact details so customers can call up and make an appointment. You also get better analytics that demonstrates how your profile is performing.

  1. Engage, Don’t Be Distant

Finally, social media is about engagement. If someone leaves a comment on your post, take time to reply to it and show them that you are a real person. It’s an excellent opportunity to tell them what services you have to offer and why they should book an appointment.