As a salon owner, finding ways to engage positively with your customers outside of appointments will be extremely important, whatever the time of year.

A birthday is a perfect opportunity to try a little soft-sell to your clients, making them feel special without actually pushing some product or service at them too heavily. Whether it’s sending them a personalised card or offering a birthday discount, it all starts with finding out when the big day is in the first place.

Collecting Data

Salon owners can be a bit hesitant about collecting data, but information like dates of birth can be important for marketing purposes. When someone visits you for the first time, and you carry out a consultation, you could create a form and use it to collect personal information such as this, with the client’s permission, of course.

People can be a little hesitant themselves about their birthdays. It’s always important to exclude those who don’t want to be on your celebration list for one reason or another. You need to be aware of the current data protection regulations (GDPR) and your obligations relating to these when collecting any customer information.

Sending a Card

Sending your customers birthday cards is a great way to show that personal touch and to perhaps offer them a special deal they can take advantage of in the future. It’s important not to make your birthday card too promotional, so it looks like you’re just desperately trying to get more business out of them.

You might want to create a branded card – easy to do online– so that everyone knows who it is from. If you’re adding in a discount or special deal on a product or service, it’s essential to have a deadline up to when it can be used. We suggest leaving a space where you can add a handwritten message so the card doesn’t look like it’s been generated by a machine.

Birthday Discounts

A lot will depend on what types of services your salon provides. You might want to focus on a new product, give your customer a choice between several salon treatments or something that you know your customer will appreciate from past experience.

One idea is to offer treatments that can be carried out in conjunction with something else, for example, having nails done while enjoying a facial.

Ideally, you want to target your best clients for this special birthday treat rather than send it out as a blanket marketing activity. These customers are more likely to mention that you remembered their birthday and tell their friends about it. They’re also more likely to add other services to their visit when they come to claim that discount or voucher.

When they arrive at your salon, you can also take things a step further. Perhaps a glass of fizz to celebrate the big day or a slice of cake. A simple gesture like this can make you stand out for the customer and ensure that you’re the first option they consider next time they book at a salon.

If you’re looking for ways to enhance the salon experience for you customers, please contact Haylee Benton Salon Consultant today.