It has been an incredibly challenging time for salon owners, and you may be working harder than ever to keep your business going.

Salon Consultant

As a salon consultant, I know that having passion and drive is not enough – you will need to make smart decisions to help to grow your business, maximising your potential and giving you the opportunity to expand. There are a few things you can do to help your business thrive this year:

Make Each Visit Worthwhile

Your clients may be desperate to see you but may not be able to book in as often as they would like. While we hope the major restrictions are over, more than ever, we have all realised the importance of maximising each customer visit.

From your client’s perspective: make them feel extra special. Greet them warmly, offer them a drink, go the extra mile. Make them feel extra special every time they visit, and they will remember why they love visiting your salon so much.

From your perspective, now is the time to consider upselling. Consider offering bundles – two treatments paired together for a discount, for example. Don’t go for the hard sell, but give your customers tempting options to book more than one treatment at a time.

Enjoy Human Connection

We are all enjoying the world opening up again, and now is the time to encourage customers to come back and visit you for a chat and treatments. Again, you can make them feel extra special as you usually would by greeting them warmly and helping them to feel welcome in your salon, but you can also lean into this in your marketing. You can talk about the benefits of a salon visit on your social media channels – give your clients a gentle reminder about why they love to visit your salon and the benefits to both their physical and mental health.

Revamp Your Social Media Channels

More than ever, having a presence online is really important. As well as regular marketing and advertising posts, it is essential to create online content that gives your customers some value. For example, tutorials and treatment guides can help customers to feel more prepared for their time with you, so you could set up a blog or a YouTube channel to give your customers a reason to check your social media channels each day.

You can also use Instagram or similar platforms to give your customers a behind-the-scenes glimpse of salon life. This gives them a chance to get to know you, creating a familiarity that will help them feel comfortable. Be honest, human, and authentic – it’s more important than ever.

Encourage Your Team Members

The chances are that your employees are working harder than ever. Motivating them is essential. Give them daily encouragement, offer them some autonomy and give them more responsibilities if that is what they want. Listen to their concerns and create a relaxed working environment for them, and it will pay off – you will have loyal staff members and a calm atmosphere in your salon.