Beauty salons are busy places and finding time outside of treatments and the day to day running of a spa or salon is a big challenge for many small beauty salon owners.

As a business owner, of course, you’ll realise the importance of marketing. But where do you find the time?

Small Beauty Salon Success

Here we take a closer look at some beauty salon marketing wins that can be easily and simply applied, and which should increase the visibility of your beauty salon.

  1. Embrace Social Media for Your Beauty Salon

Making your beauty salon visible on social media is a brilliant way to get your brand out there. The good news is that you can post content and images at any time, including in between dealing with customers.

Work out what type of posts you are going to send and which platforms you want to choose. It’s better to engage with one or two social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter well rather than spread yourself too thin.

  • Check with your existing clients to find out what they use. If they’re all on Instagram, that’s where you should start.
  • Try to have a visual approach rather than typing long messages as these will fit well with your beauty salon business.
  • Don’t forget that social media is about engagement so reach out and talk to your followers rather than ignoring them.
  • Check what other salons are doing when it comes to social media and copy their best practice.
  • Look around for local influencers and get to know them. They can help spread the word of your business.
  1. Have Regular Promotions

We all love a bargain and running a few promotions for your business can make a big difference to bookings. Whether it’s 10% off their first visit to your salon or a special Monday offer, this is a great way to fill empty seats and boost quiet periods.

The trick with promotions is to plan them for the right time and make sure that you get news of it out to your customers in time.

  1. Create a Google My Business Listing

When you search for a service or product locally, you will often get a list of businesses and their location on a map. This is because those businesses have signed up to Google My Business.

This is completely free to do and has several advantages including allowing you to collect reviews and reach out to customers with promotions.

  1. Try Building an Email List

While to some it might seem a little old-school, email is still a brilliant way to stay in touch with customers and get repeat business. There are several options for building an email list. You could encourage it on your website or simply ask customers if they want to join your list when they come in for a beauty treatment.

Email marketing allows you to make a personal connection with your customers and keep them up to date with new treatments and promotions. As with any marketing approach, it pays to have a strategy in place and plan your email content ahead of time.

These simple marketing approaches can be implemented quite easily and shouldn’t be too much of a drain on your resources. The good news is that they are also free and don’t take anything out of your operational budget except time.