It is great to expand your client base and get new clients, but the trickier thing can be holding onto your existing clients and keeping their custom. Client retention can make a big difference to your bottom line.

Boost Your Salon Business

You can boost your business and help it grow by retaining your clients rather than always looking to attract new clients. People want to feel valued and essential to companies they use, especially places they will often go, like a beauty or hair salon. These tips will help you boost your client retention rates.

Incentives and Rewards for Loyalty

One of the best ways to retain clients and encourage loyalty is through a reward scheme. Something like a stamp card, or loyalty app which offers cumulative free treatments or bonus offerings after a client spends a certain amount. This will not only encourage these customers to come back once, but continually to reap the benefits. You can also take their details down after visiting a few times to offer them exclusive discounts and offers, which could be through quieter periods you experience or for their birthday.

Campaigns to Bring Their Focus Back to You

Life gets busy, and sometimes these kinds of things get put off and slip people’s minds. If you can filter down your client list to those you haven’t seen for a while, you can send them a quick message by text or email to just nudge their attention back to your business. Tell them you miss them and include messages like ‘it’s time for a trim,’ ‘get Christmas party ready’ or simply ‘we would love to see you again’. You could make the messages even more personalised by using their names.

Positivity All-Around Is Good for Everyone

One of the best things you can do to make sure that your clients want to return is by offering them a fantastic and warm welcome into a salon with a friendly and homely atmosphere. If customers are met by hostile staff that just aren’t interested in speaking to them, it will most likely deter them from coming back. One way you can make sure this doesn’t happen is by keeping your staff happy and cheerful. In the beauty industry, the employees you have and the team that the customers meet are the face of your brand. They represent your business and how it comes across to the public. Ensure your team are happy in their role, help them progress, and learn new areas in the industry if this is what they are interested in. Happy team equals satisfied customers.

Celebrate Your Differences and Niche

All salons offer something different. Some will focus on vegan and cruelty-free products only, some will focus on luxury, and everyone has a specific vision for their brand and what they specialise in. Use this in your marketing and show off what makes you different from other salons. This will entice your customers to keep them interested and come back again and again.