Stopping and taking the time to review and implement some simple marketing strategies for your Beauty Salon can make all the difference when it comes to getting new customers. As an entrepreneur and owner of several successful hair & beauty spaces I have some great tips to get you started.

Here we look at 10 amazingly simple ways to get your message out there and attract more customers.

  1. Make the Most of Social Media

One of the best ways to engage with customers both new and old is to invest some time in social media. This often works better than simply having a website and allows you to build up a loyal following and find unique and attractive ways to engage people.

The most popular choices for beauty salons are Instagram and Facebook.

  1. Post Engaging Content

Think about why you are posting each piece of content. You want it to attract attention and have value for your customers. Fortunately, there’s lots of scope here but the key is to try not to post boring or irrelevant things.

  1. Be Visual

The beauty business is visual and posting amazing videos and images should be at the forefront of your mind when developing your marketing strategy.

Learn how to use your smartphone camera, how to compose attractive images and videos and how to edit them. Don’t forget – a picture paints a thousand words.

  1. Think of Your Social Media Feeds as the First Point of Contact

If you’ve invested time in developing your Instagram and Facebook feeds, it’s likely this is going to be the first place where new customers are likely to find out about you. Make sure that you include important details online such as where to find your business and how to book an appointment.

  1. Offer Deals to Your Customers

Social media is also a brilliant chance to offer your customers new and exciting deals. If, for example, you want to boost customer footfall on certain days of the week, offering a discount can help. Or maybe you have a new beauty treatment you want to advertise.

Try to make it look as though your customer is getting value for money and the latest treatments and you’ll certainly improve engagement.

  1. Invest in Paid for Ads

While it costs a bit extra, investing in paid-for advertising is another way to reach your local audience. You can target this kind of marketing much better nowadays which means you can get important messages out in front of your best customers and new ones in next to no time.

  1. Market with a Local Strategy

Most beauty salons offer a local service so it’s important to make sure that you develop a localised marketing strategy. For example, if you want to show up on page one of Google, it’s a good idea to join Google My Business which shows your local listing and pinpoints its location on a map.

  1. Show Customers What You Can Do

If customers agree, taking before and after pictures and posting them on your social media feeds is the perfect way to demonstrate what you have to offer and how skilful you are.

It could be a makeover for a new customer, a brand-new nail treatment or transforming someone’s look for a special event such as a wedding.

  1. Watch Out for Trends

Hashtags are important on social media and it’s essential to keep an eye on new trends so that you can reach out to more people.

People often search social media using these hashtags so they allow you to connect with new individuals who may not previously have been a fan of your feed. Find out which hashtags are most widely used in your area and put them into your posts.

  1. Try Live Sessions

Finally, live video can seem a bit daunting at first, but it can offer a new way to engage with customers. It gives your fans a quick glimpse of your business behind the scenes and gives them the chance to ask questions in real-time.